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Robot and Automation: here we stand for versatility.

We offer quality products, offering within our range those aimed at the specific solution of the problem posed by the customer. Our automation components are aimed at all industrial sectors.

The vast field of use and the simplicity of use make them optimal in the execution of elementary functions or in the creation of specific equipment, both in new applications and in restructuring of existing processing processes, in the construction of machines or complete lines of production.

The specialization of our team has developed into:

  • END LINE construction from press to packaging in a single connected process
  • Lines and automations downstream of the discharge manipulators
  • Robotic islands complete with depalletizers and palletizers
  • Restructuring of existing workinh processes transformed into fully automatic high productivity processes: e.g. specific processes + quality control with artificial vision systems + packaging
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Robot e Visione - Packaging
robot automation packaging machines
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ROBOT and VISION: Packaging

Anthropomorphic robot with external artificial vision for picking, overturning and storage in blister packs. Used with rubber-metal parts fo the automotive sector.


Among the various tasks, Alges is dedicated to the palletizing (and depalletizing) lines of boxes, bags, drums, buckets, reels, batteries, bobbins and many other products. These solutions are widely used also in the field of packaging of rubber parts.

What are your needs?

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